Curried Tofu Banh Mi

Now that we are not living in California anymore, I get asked all the time if I miss it. Mostly I miss living in close proximity to family and friends, but I also miss the food! We were completely spoiled by all of the great restaurants in the Bay Area and often [...]


Carolina-Style Barbecue Seitan Sandwiches

So as I have mentioned in my last few posts, Graham has just finished his PhD at UC Berkeley, and many people have been asking us, “What are we doing next?” Well, the answer is, “We are moving to North Carolina!” Graham recently accepted a tenure-track faculty position near Charlotte, NC, and [...]


Sloppy Lentil Joes

Growing up I usually brought my lunch to school, but occasionally I would buy lunch in the cafeteria. On most days the school meal just didn’t look very appealing to me, but I do remember liking the Sloppy Joes. Trying to get all of that oozy sweet and tangy sauce [...]


Chickpea Curry Salad Sandwich

There’s nothing easier than a simple sandwich for lunch. They’re quick to make, quick to eat, and pretty portable if you need them to be. Though the variety of sandwiches out there seems almost endless, sometimes it can be slim pickings for vegetarians.

I recently [...]

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