Happy Third Anniversary to!

So it has been just over three years since we started this blog – our first post was on September 7, 2009! Sally has been working hard getting started on her PhD program, learning all about biochemistry, biostatistics, and cutting-edge nutrition research methods, and so hasn’t had any time in the last couple of weeks [...]


A Doctor is in the House!

Well, it’s been a very busy and exciting time for us here at Tasty Easy Healthy Green. We are please to announce that Graham, after several years of hard work, has completed his PhD! His official graduation took place this past weekend and we were lucky enough to be able [...]


Tasty Easy Healthy Green Recipe Ratings!

From this point forward, we will be assigning each of our recipes ratings in our four theme areas: Tasty, Easy, Healthy and Green. We have cleverly come up with graphics to represent the ratings for each theme…So much fun!

We do not expect nor always want all of our meals to get high scores in [...]


What’s a “Green” Food?

While we’ve found identifying tasty, easy, and healthy foods to be pretty challenging, figuring out what is “green” has been even more difficult. You not only have to think about the direct environmental impacts of growing the food (from pesticides, fertilizers, tractor fuel, etc.), but also the indirect impacts of transporting and selling it. [...]


What does “Healthy” mean?

It seems that everyone has a different definition of what constitutes healthy food. Some people focus primarily on the calories and believe a healthy food is a low-calorie food. Others look at nutrients and determine how healthy a food is by calculating how many vitamins it has versus how much fat, sugar and sodium [...]

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