Smoky Split Pea Soup

For my birthday earlier this year, one of the gifts that my mom gave me was a cookbook from Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market. This market is located in San Diego, California and is one of the places that I love to go to when I am home visiting [...]


Chickpea Curry Salad Sandwich

There’s nothing easier than a simple sandwich for lunch. They’re quick to make, quick to eat, and pretty portable if you need them to be. Though the variety of sandwiches out there seems almost endless, sometimes it can be slim pickings for vegetarians.

I recently [...]


Baked Vegetable Dumplings

We have a slight obsession with Trader Joe’s vegetable gyoza. Every time we have the opportunity to go to Trader Joe’s we stock-up on bags of these vegetable dumplings. Because they are so easy to make and are so tasty to eat, they’ve become a staple weeknight dinner entrée [...]

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