Cranberry Pumpkin Walnut Rolls

We’ve got another pumpkin recipe for you! I served these rolls as part of our Thanksgiving dinner, and they were a nice complement to the Vegetable Wellingtons that we posted last week. If you are like me and can’t seem to get enough pumpkin—whether in savory or sweet dishes—give these rolls a [...]


Pasta with Cauliflower and Zucchini

The secret to this great tasting pasta is in the sauce. I’ll admit that from the picture, it doesn’t look like it has much of a sauce, but believe me it’s there and it’s tasty! I was inspired to make this pasta after reading the May Italy Issue of Bon Appetite, which [...]


Celery Root Salad with Parmesan, Toasted Walnuts and Dried Cranberries

There are some vegetables out there that do not receive the credit and attention they deserve. Perhaps it is their prickly or gnarly exterior that causes them to be ignored. They tend to just languish on the shelf, while shoppers take home their better-looking cousins.

Celery root or celeriac might be the [...]


Chocolate Walnut Rum Balls

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Yes, the holiday season is upon us and after eating a few of these festive and boozy rum balls, you might start singing Christmas carols to friends…and strangers on the web too! Just kidding–they’re not that strong, although Graham says they are still good [...]


Savory Turkish Zucchini Pancakes

We’ve got zucchini coming out of our ears! Well maybe it’s not that bad, but lately we have had a steady stream of zucchini coming in our CSA box. It started with just one or two small zucchini in the box and now we are getting five or six large [...]

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