Amaranth Patties with Herbed Yogurt Sauce

These little patties may not look like much, but their crispy outside and soft savory inside make for a tasty appetizer or main dish. We actually ate a few of them along with a big salad for dinner recently and were quite satisfied. I also wrapped up the leftover patties in some [...]


Lima Beans with Stewed Tomatoes and Oregano Pesto

I have a new favorite bean dish! It was so good that I just wanted to keep eating and eating it—which is actually exactly what we did, since I made so much of it! The combination of the hearty tomato sauce, earthy lima beans, salty feta, crispy panko, and zesty oregano pesto [...]


Butternut Squash and Herbed Goat Cheese Stacks

I was very excited about this recipe when I discovered it. I mean how can you go wrong with herbed goat cheese and crispy panko crumbs sandwiched between velvety layers of butternut squash? Unfortunately, sometimes looks can be deceiving and things don’t turn out exactly as planned…

As far [...]


Crispy Panko-Coated Cauliflower

When flipping through a new cookbook or a magazine there are always some recipes that seem to just jump out at you. The appealing pictures or particular ingredients make you think, wow, I have to make that! Well, this cauliflower recipe was one of those for me.

One of the reasons this [...]

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