White Bean Ragout on Toast with Oregano Pesto

I had kind of a hard time picking out a good name for this dish. Graham called it a super-bruschetta, and I had been calling it fancy beans on toast, but I wasn’t sure that either was a very blog-worthy or appealing title for such a delicious main dish. I ended up [...]


Lima Beans with Stewed Tomatoes and Oregano Pesto

I have a new favorite bean dish! It was so good that I just wanted to keep eating and eating it—which is actually exactly what we did, since I made so much of it! The combination of the hearty tomato sauce, earthy lima beans, salty feta, crispy panko, and zesty oregano pesto [...]


Fresh Herb and Cheese Biscuits

Let’s talk about herbs—fresh herbs. I have mixed feelings when it comes to fresh herbs. On the one hand, I love them—they can add zest and zip to all sorts of dishes. On the other hand they kind of scare me. Sometimes I feel unsure about the [...]

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