About the Ratings

We have assigned ratings to most of our recipes that assess them in our four theme areas: Tasty, Easy, Healthy and Green.  A few simple graphics are used to represent the ratings for each theme…see below to learn more about each theme and its rating scale.

We do not expect nor always want all of our meals to get high scores in all four of these areas – first of all, its not always easy to do so, and second, sometimes we may want to cook something complicated or even (uh oh!) unhealthy. That’s okay – we want to be flexible and allow ourselves to let go once in a while. Our overarching goal, however, is nevertheless to find those recipes that can indeed score well on all four fronts, and we’ll discuss why some recipes don’t do as well on some criteria.

The Tasty Scale

chef--1.1 One Chef = Yuck! Most likely would not make again.
chefs--2.1 Two Chefs = Could Use Some Work. Might make again, but recipe needs significant improvement.
chefs--3.1 Three Chefs = Average Tastiness. Would most likely make again, but could use some improvement.
Chefs--4.1 Four Chefs = Delicious! Would definitely make again – a step above our normal fare, although not yet mind-blowing.
chefs--5.1 Five Chefs = Gourmet Fare! Food fit for royalty with amazing flavor and texture. Might be able to eat every day!

The Easy Scale

easy--1.1 One Easy Chair = Mission Impossible! Can’t sit down for even a minute – this recipe would challenge even Julia Child! Difficult preparation, lengthy cooking times, and lots of ingredients, many of which are hard to find.
easy--2 Two Easy Chairs = A Long March… Not the most difficult, but still keeps you on your toes. Moderately challenging preparation, somewhat lengthy cooking time, many ingredients, some of which are hard to find.
easy--3 Three Easy Chairs = Average Difficulty. Reasonable preparation and cooking time, with a standard list of ingredients and only a few hard to find ingredients.
easy--4 Four Easy Chairs = “ABC, Easy as 123…” Less time at the stove, more time kicking back — easy. simple preparation with a short cooking time (10 minutes or less) with very few, easy to find ingredients.
easy--5 Five Easy Chairs = Just Press Cook! Maximizing chill time, minimizing cook time. Minimal preparation, with very quick or no cooking time – we’re talking microwaveable, just add water types of things here.

The Healthy Scale

healthy--1.1 One Apple = This Might Take A Year Off Your Life. True comfort food with almost no nutritional value — contains no fruits and/or vegetables, only refined grains, lots of added sugar and fat and many processed foods.
healthy--2 Two Apples = Surgeon General’s Warning! This may be hazardous to your health! Contains a minimal amount of fruits and/or vegetables, mostly refined grains, a fairly large amount of added sugar and fat, and some processed foods.
healthy--3 Three Apples = Average Nutritional Quality. Contains some fruits and/or vegetables, some whole grains, a moderate amount of added sugar and fat, and a few processed foods.
healthy--4 Four Apples = Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Eat this, and feel better, and live longer! Contains a wealth of fruits and/or vegetables, mostly whole grains, a small amount of added sugar and fat, and has minimal processed foods.
healthy--5 Five Apples = My Body is My Temple! As healthy as you can get! Contains a lot of fruits and/or vegetables, only whole grains, is very low in added fats and sugars, and has no processed foods.

The Green Scale

green--1.1 One Leaf = Polar Bears are Crying. Really not green. All conventional products without any organic or local ingredients.
green--2 Two Leaves = Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides Rock. Mostly conventional products, with only a very few organic and local ingredients.
green--3 Three Leaves = Average Environmental Friendliness. Somewhat green. Made with some organic and local ingredients.
green--4 Four Leaves = Mother Earth Approved. Taking it to the next level — made with mostly organic and local ingredients. A few products may have additional certifications like bird friendly and fair trade.
green--5 Five Leaves = Absolute Green. Made with all organic and local ingredients. Products have additional certifications like bird friendly and fair trade.