Sesame Almond Crackers

As some of you may recall, I posted a recipe for making homemade almond milk a few weeks ago. Since I started making my own almond milk, I’ve been trying to find recipes to use up all the leftover pulp. This week I used some of the almond pulp to [...]


Sweet Potato Empanadas with Spicy Black Bean Dipping Sauce

I often like to read my cooking magazines cover-to-cover and sometimes even try to read some of my cookbooks like novels—meaning that I read through each ingredient list and all of the juicy details of the recipe preparation. Some people might find this habit a little strange and may find it even [...]


Yakitori Tofu

Well, it has taken a little while, but I think we have almost unpacked all of our boxes from the move. And after a few runs to Target, IKEA and some other big box stores, our new house is looking much more like a home. I’m also excited to report that the [...]


White Bean Sliders

In the last few years I’ve noticed that mini-burgers or “sliders” have appeared on several restaurant menus and all over the blogosphere. Not wanting to be left out of this recent craze, I recently decided to make a veggie version of sliders with white beans, vegetables, and herbs. I wasn’t [...]


Collard Wraps with Baked Tofu and Cabbage Slaw

In general, I’m a pretty big fan of wrapped foods. Burritos, wrap sandwiches, mu shu vegetables, and fresh springs rolls all top my list of delicious wrapped dishes. I am also a fan of figuring out new ways to use the vegetables that come in our CSA box. After receiving [...]

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