White Bean Ragout on Toast with Oregano Pesto

I had kind of a hard time picking out a good name for this dish. Graham called it a super-bruschetta, and I had been calling it fancy beans on toast, but I wasn’t sure that either was a very blog-worthy or appealing title for such a delicious main dish. I ended up [...]


Mu Shu Vegetables

I just updated our recipe index for the blog and realized that we may need another category for wraps—I think we’ve posted at least 7 or 8 dishes that involve some sort of wrap. I’ve talked about my love for wraps before, and today’s recipe is another sign of my [...]


Homemade Tortillas and Black Bean Soft Tacos

And we’re back…I apologize for the lack of posts around here lately. I can rattle off a number of excuses (including travel, personal projects, etc.), but I’ll spare you the details and get right into today’s post…!

Today’s recipes were inspired by mainly two things: a cute new kitchen towel and a [...]


Curried Tofu Banh Mi

Now that we are not living in California anymore, I get asked all the time if I miss it. Mostly I miss living in close proximity to family and friends, but I also miss the food! We were completely spoiled by all of the great restaurants in the Bay Area and often [...]


Carolina-Style Barbecue Seitan Sandwiches

So as I have mentioned in my last few posts, Graham has just finished his PhD at UC Berkeley, and many people have been asking us, “What are we doing next?” Well, the answer is, “We are moving to North Carolina!” Graham recently accepted a tenure-track faculty position near Charlotte, NC, and [...]

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