Savory Root Vegetable Crumble

A few weeks ago, Cathy, the creator of the blog “What would Cathy Eat?,” challenged other bloggers to post a Thanksgiving recipe that might help inspire others to have a healthier holiday. Since I usually end up eating the side dishes at Thanksgiving, I thought I’d accept her challenge and try to [...]


Sweet Potato Empanadas with Spicy Black Bean Dipping Sauce

I often like to read my cooking magazines cover-to-cover and sometimes even try to read some of my cookbooks like novels—meaning that I read through each ingredient list and all of the juicy details of the recipe preparation. Some people might find this habit a little strange and may find it even [...]


Sweet Potato, Peanut, and Chipotle Soup

The undeniable crispness in the air and the falling leaves that are beginning to blanket our backyard mean it’s the perfect time of year for making soup. There are a ton of different soup recipes out there, but one in particular has already captured my heart this season. It is [...]


Sweet Potato Fries and Our Big Move!

Well the boxes are all packed and my little blue car was put on a truck today to be shipped all the way across the country. Even though we’ve spent the last week and a half saying good-bye to friends and packing up all of our possessions, it is still [...]


Root Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

Root vegetables are definitely not the sexiest creatures out there. With much of their lives spent beneath the soil, they really don’t have anyone to impress beyond a few friendly earthworms. The trouble comes when they are removed from their muddy lairs and compared to their handsome above-ground vegetable kin. [...]

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