Almond and Oat Thumbprint Cookies

When I set about making these thumbprint cookies, I was expecting another mishap—in part because of my recent kitchen adventures, but also because I was modifying a recipe I had never tried before. However, the resulting cookies were delicious and provided yet another way [...]


Cranberry Flapjacks

It wasn’t until the summer before my junior year in college that I learned that a “flapjack” is more than just another name for a pancake. It’s actually a whole other type of food –a kind of sweet oat bar. That summer, I did a study abroad program in Cambridge, England and [...]


Cranberry Christmas Cookies

A lonely bag of cranberries called out to me in the store the other day. Not wanting the cranberries to feel neglected during this festive holiday season, I pulled them off the shelf and brought them home with me. What to do with these beautiful little red gems? Then it hit me—‘tis [...]

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