Rosemary and Potato Focaccia

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, not really a secret, more a random tidbit of information about us… Our freezer is currently packed to the brim with bread! So how did it get this way, you might ask. Well we both really enjoy eating bread, [...]


Meyer Lemon Curd

Saddled with another bag of Meyer lemons! What’s a poor girl to do? Actually, I was more than happy to take some Meyer lemons from one of my co-workers last week. She has a tree that is practically sagging from all of the lemons hanging from its branches.

Now [...]


Meyer Lemon Bars

I have a thing for lemon desserts, especially lemon squares. Luckily for me lemon squares are often one of the featured desserts at potlucks, picnics and on the buffet lines at work meetings and conferences. Unluckily for me, the quality of these lemon squares varies greatly. Some are all crust with hardly [...]

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