Grilled Asparagus Pizza

Nothing indicates the arrival of spring better than gorgeous green spears of asparagus. Since I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, I was especially excited to see some of these spears in our CSA box a few weeks ago. I was also excited to see a recipe for asparagus pizza in the [...]


Tomato Fest and a Visit to our CSA Farm!

A few weekends ago Graham and I escaped the weird wintry cold of the Berkeley summer and went to check out the farm where our CSA box comes from. For several months we had been getting notices in our vegetable box about Saturday farm tours and decided the time was right to [...]


Grilled Margherita Pizza

Summer is here and even though we don’t have a grill, we are grilling! Yes, not having a grill makes capturing those summertime-grilled flavors a little more difficult, but luckily our handy stovetop grill pan has so far managed to fulfill most of our grilling needs. Sure a real grill would be [...]


Fresh Fava Bean and Mozzarella Salad

Nothing quite compares to food fresh from the garden, and the fava beans and herbs in this salad came straight from my mom’s garden in San Diego. She has a wonderful vegetable garden in her backyard that I enjoy touring and eating from every time I visit.

When we [...]

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