Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Whenever I tell Graham that I am going to make homemade ice cream, the first question out of his mouth is, “are you making rum raisin?” Of all of the ice cream I’ve made since getting an ice cream maker last summer, rum raisin ice cream is by far our [...]


Fresh Corn and Peach Soup

While school has started and summer has ended, summer produce is still making an appearance at our farmer’s market. In addition to allowing us to savor some of the last summer corn and peaches, this soup allowed me to use up some miso that has been sitting idly in our [...]


Chocolate and Baileys Pot de Crème

If you are still on the hunt for a last minute dessert recipe for Valentine’s Day, look no further. Nothing says “I love you” better then an oh-so-decadent chocolate pot de crème! These rich and creamy treats are relatively easy to make and can be prepared well ahead of time—perfect for when [...]


Creme Brulee

At long last here is the crème brulee that I promised while we were on vacation. I made this sweet and creamy custard with two friends of mine several weeks ago. The three of us have been getting together for the last year or so and cooking or baking yummy [...]

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