Baked Chiles Rellenos with Smoky Tomato Sauce

Well this recipe has been a long time coming! I’m kind of embarrassed to post something that I made so long ago, but I said I’d share this dish in my last post, and I try to keep my promises as best I can! But before I talk about the dish, I’ll [...]


Fresh Corn and Peach Soup

While school has started and summer has ended, summer produce is still making an appearance at our farmer’s market. In addition to allowing us to savor some of the last summer corn and peaches, this soup allowed me to use up some miso that has been sitting idly in our [...]


Fresh Corn and Manchego Cheese Empanadas

Inspiration hit me last week and it was hard to ignore. This inspiration came from the farmers market and was in the form of a palm-sized pastry. This delicious savory pastry, or “empanada,” was stuffed with a fresh corn filling unlike any I had tried before. So taken was I by this [...]


Thai Corn Fritters with Fresh Cucumber Relish

I went to battle the other day. I wish I could say that this battle was against an Iron Chef in Kitchen Stadium, but who am I kidding – being a chef on that show would be way too intense. I think I might run away as fast as I could as [...]

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