Chocolate Bison Cookies

So over the summer, I developed a strong interest (okay some might say its more like an obsession!) with bison. It developed as we were moving across the country. During our trip we made stops at several national parks and saw a number of great animals, including some moose, but what I [...]


Fig and Blackberry Bars

I came across today’s recipe a few weeks ago and it immediately brought back memories of all of the fruit bars and cookies I ate growing up. I was especially fond of Fig and Fruit Newtons. I’m not sure if they still make them all now, but back in the [...]



I’m a sucker for homemade cookies. At a party or event the tray of homemade cookies is like a magnet, drawing me in, tempting me to take a bite. Store bought cookies can be okay (in fact, I used to eat Fruit Newton’s by the handful!), but nothing compares to fresh, slightly [...]

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