CSA Challenge: Beet Risotto, Tahini Beets, and Beet Chocolate Cake

When I opened our CSA box this last week there were three enormous beets (complete with all of their greens) in there. Now I like beets, but not enough to eat three large softball-sized beets by myself. You see Graham is not a huge fan of this root vegetable and [...]


Roasted Beets and Burrata Cheese topped with Hazelnuts

I had burrata cheese for the first time a few years ago at a restaurant in LA and let me tell you, I have not stopped singing its praises since. For those of you who may not be familiar with burrata, please allow me to introduce you to it [...]


What does “Healthy” mean?

It seems that everyone has a different definition of what constitutes healthy food. Some people focus primarily on the calories and believe a healthy food is a low-calorie food. Others look at nutrients and determine how healthy a food is by calculating how many vitamins it has versus how much fat, sugar and sodium [...]

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