United Kingdom!

We finally got around to organizing our photos from our recent trip to the UK—no easy task when you take over 1,100 pictures!  We thought we’d share some of our favorite shots and sampling of some of the food we ate during the trip.

On our trip through England, Scotland and Wales we drove through beautiful countrysides, visited stunning gardens, admired the beautiful architecture of historic buildings,  learned a lot about the history of the monarchy, and of course, ate lots of good food!

The photos above are from Oxford, Cardiff Castle, Hadrian’s Wall, Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands, London, Hidcote Gardens in the Cotswolds, and Harlech Castle in Wales.  See if you can identify which is which!

The food we had was a great sampling of both traditional British food and ethnic food from all around the world.  We ate a lot of cheese and puff pastries as well as Indian, Thai, Chinese, and even Malaysian cuisine.

Some of the highlights though were the incredible desserts we had all along the way, including Welsh cakes, flapjacks, hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows, a “millionaire” bar, and scones and clotted cream.  Our favorites were of course the sticky toffee puddings that we already made our own version of when we got back to the US – check it out here if you’re interested in trying it yourself!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, even though we were pretty exhausted by the end!  We learned a lot about England, Scotland, and Wales along the way, and sampled some fabulous food.  We’re definitely inspired to keep making great dishes and sharing them with all of you!

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