On the Road: A Taste of Colorado!

Graham and I just got back from a great trip to Colorado!   Graham was invited to speak at a conference in Boulder last week and since it was his birthday on Thursday, I flew out and we made it into a fun weekend in Boulder and Fort Collins.

Our weekend was of course filled with lots of good food, but one of our favorite meals was at a vegetarian restaurant in Boulder, called Leaf.  For our entrées at this little place right off of Pearl Street, we ordered the stuffed red bell pepper and the jerk tempeh and I must say it took a lot of restraint for us to keep from licking both of our plates clean.  Stay tuned because I have hopes of recreating both dishes at home.  In the meantime, you can enjoy these pictures of them from our short little vacation to Colorado…

P.S. To our Colorado friends – sorry we didn’t have time to catch up with you this trip, but we’ll actually be back in May and will be in touch then for sure!

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